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Emission Control & Recycle Systems

Helium Recovery & Recycling System

High purity helium is widely used in high-tech industries such as fiber optics semiconductor, superconductor, MRI, etc. Helium is a finite resource, and is becoming a strategic resource due to the delicate balance between helium availability and increasing demand. In China, almost all the helium needs imported since China is helium-poor country. The GenTech helium recovery and recycling system (HRS) so as to recover helium from waste gas vented from optical fiber preform workshop. Helium is purified to 99.999% on site, and then purified helium is recycled back to customers’ product line. This kind of system could minimize the influence to production caused by insufficient helium supply market, and also reduce raw materials consumption cost.

Waste Acid Recovery & Recycling System

Huge amount of high purity HF acid and HNO3 acid are used to clean silicon wafer in semiconductor and solar cell industries. These acids need to be replaced with fresh acids due to metal ion and other in-organic impurities accumulation and increase to some extent, and could not meet process specification requirement. The drained waste acids bring not only environmental problem, but also cost increase to customer. GenTech developed our waste acid recovery and recycling system so as to remove impurities and purify waste acids on site. Purified acids will be recycled back to customers' production line. This will reduce the fresh acid consumption as well as the waste acid treatment cost.

Arsenic-enriched Waste Gas & Water Treatment System

With the fast development of light emitting diode (Mostly LED), arsenic-enriched waste gas and water from production line are causing many problems to LED manufactures. The GenTech arsenic-enriched waste gas treatment system can reduce arsenic concentration below required limit by Nederlandse Emissie Richtlijnen (NER). Arsenic-enriched waste water treatment system will reduce arsenic concentration below required limit by advanced precipitation and filtration technology.