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Central Chemical Supply Systems

There are many wet chemical procedures in those industries with semiconductor process, such as Integrated Circuit, Flat Panel Display, LED and Solar Industries. With the rapid development of manufacturing process and increase of the productivity, the full automatic ultra-high purity chemical supply system is more and more demanded.

There are 5 Types of Ultra-High Purity Chemicals

Divided by package type, the ultra-high purity chemical could be 200L drum system, 1000L IBC system, lorry system; Dilution and mixture system. According to the daily usage, all the equipment above can be equipped with storage tank to achieve high flow rate demanding.

Divided by delivery method, the ultra-high purity chemical could be pneumatic pump driven, magnetic pump driven, vacuum suction type, nitrogen pressurization type.

Base on the deeply understanding of the ultra-high purity chemical system, GenTech provides the high performance, high quality system with reasonable price. Our turn-key service includes system design, materials supply, equipment manufacturing, project construction and consulting.

The ultra-high purity chemical system GenTech can provide includes: Bulk chemical delivery system; Dilution and mixture system; Chemical equipment monitoring and management system; Chemical main piping system; On-site total chemical management service.