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Water Treatment Systems

GenTech provides one-stop service for customers' water treatment system, and has key technologies and supporting equipment for water treatment, covering the whole process from consulting planning, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, site installation, project management, system operation and commissioning, operation management, customer training and after-sales service.

Pure Water System

Pure water system is one of the main service areas of GenTech. GenTech provides customer with pure water and ultra-pure water complete solutions, having a standardized production base with the capacity from the parts to the whole machine and the level of professional technical service. GenTech commits to providing customers with high quality products, services and solutions to meet the growing needs of customers.

Waste Water System

GenTech has an experienced water treatment professional technical team with good capacity of design, manufacture and installation. GenTech provides customers with advanced technology, excellent quality, energy saving of wastewater treatment system. GenTech had successful implementation of water reuse and waste water treatment system in multiple petroleum, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, tanning, electro-plating, medicine, instruments, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, chemical engineering, metallurgy and other industries.