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Sanitary Systems

GenTech is staffed with first-class experts in bio-pharmaceutical and F & B industry process flows. GenTech helps customers find and meet challenges for process and product system and high purity production, providing optimal solutions ranging from planning consultation, project design, equipment manufacturing, system installation, project management to documentation & validation.

GenTech Provides Following Customized Solutions Based on Customers' Requirements:

GenTech's process design team, with their international background, firmly believes that best quality comes from best design. Starting from customers' requirements, GenTech develops advanced process flow, accurately balancing process materials and energy, using 3D modeling, and COMOS project total management software, thus ensuring process integrity and safety.

GenTech has a strong project execution team, with full certification for design and installation. Equipped with professional high purity tubing tools, following GEP protocol, GenTech ensure through quality and risk management throughout the project cycle.

Following GDP documentation protocol, GenTech has an advanced documentation structure and change management system, ensuring traceability for all work procedures. Depending on customers' needs, GenTech guarantees the deliverables comply with following standards: FDA, cGMP, GAMP, ChP, USP, EP, JP, ISPE, WHO, etc.